.Bright Day's Rabbitry

Himalayan Rabbits in Black & Blue

Pedigreed, Show Quality, & Grand Champion Stock

Bright Day's is a Rabbitry started in 1996, with the birth of 4 Himalayan rabbits. I have been showing rabbits and raising them since I was a young child, But it was The doe kept from one of my first Himalayan litters that started it all. She was named "Daisy," which means *Bright Day* (hence the rabbitry name). Since that litter, Bright Day's has grown with the addition of English Angoras to the rabbitry, and a growing high quality stock. The rabbitry is owned and Operated by Megan Moriarty, member in good standing of the ARBA, AHRA, and an enthusiastic 4-H Supporter.

Bright Day's Rabbitry has the objective of striving to promote Himalayan and English Angora rabbits, to improve the quality of the stock at the rabbitry, and when breeding, try to more closely match the standard set for each breed.

Bright Day's does not always have stock available. It knows we may not always have what you want or need, and if the rabbitry does not carry what a person needs, referals will be given to the people who could help the consumer better. The rabbitry is not a money making business, nor does it try to be one. It is a business of enjoyment, purely about the love of rabbit raising.

Megan Moriarty

Bright Day's Rabbitry
ARBA Registered Rabbitry
Specializing in Himalayan Rabbits

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